Kamagra Oral Jelly UK takes pleasure to unimaginable heights!

Did you know that Kamagra Oral jelly in UK is running out of stock for its flavored effectiveness? But again there are negative effects if used without purpose. Fortunately for me it turned out to be a success. Today in this blog post, I am willing to tell you how I was just about to face drastic consequences because of Kamagra jellies. I was fortunate that my luck favored and I experienced something unimaginable! Let’s get started.

N.B.: I have no intention to promote substance abuse. I never tried these jellies again. But it was one hell of an experience.

The Plan

Kamagra Jellies x 14 £32.00

Kamagra Jellies x 14


When your best friends are with you, things can take a U turn. Same was the case with me. I and my threefriends were travelling country side to enjoy ourselves and find peace from the chaos of the city. Our purpose was simple; we will play music, enjoy the calm environment and booze the whole week.

Daniel’s Motel

Yes, our destination was my friend’s motel. Daniel has an 8 room motel at the countryside. It remains empty most of the year except weekends. So this was the best option to secure accommodation without paying a single pound. We reached there in my truck packed with crates of beer. On reaching there we were welcomed by Daniel’s aunt. After settling down in our rooms, I went out to buy some cigarettes. The day passed with beer and food.

We played music; we roamed around in my truck and enjoyed time merrily. 2 days passed by and the weekend was over. It was Monday.We were sitting in the balcony and enjoying the view cheering ourselves with grilled steaks and beer.

That evening, we rolled some joints and smoked them with beer. We were high as hell. Evan, another friend who is an expert in rolling joints, asked us if we would love some candies. Now who will say no after getting high? It was a yes in chorus. So he gave us some chocolates and candies. Moreover, he gave us another candy which was jelly type substance. He said this is Kamagra oral jelly, UK’s top selling candy with a wink!

Couples check-in

Next day in the hot summer night as we were sipping in cold beer, we saw two couples entering the reception. It is visible from the balcony. Evan said these couples are college friends out for a party. While Larry and Evan agreed to this, I and Daniel had something else in mind!

We were thinking of inviting them in our night party. We didn’t bother if they were college friends or office colleagues. All we wanted is a lady serving us wine. But that won’t be possible until we are friends.

Mission Friendship

With multiple thoughts running here and there, we waited for them to settle down in their rooms. But the next thing that we saw was astonishing!

Both the guys left off in their car! I and Daniel saw the ladies waving good bye. We looked at each other and looked back at the ladies again. Meanwhile Daniel went in Evan’s room and came back. He asked me to go and see what the matter is? I handed him the bottle of beer, went to the washroom came back, grabbed the bottle back from him and went to check out the matter.

Sipping from the bottle I went down. I knocked at one of their doors and she (Joana) opened the door. She is a beautiful woman in her late 20s. Behind her was Katy who was around the same age. Since there were no one in the motel except us and aunt, they introduced themselves and hence I knew their names. At once they smiled and asked me to come in. Katy asked where my friends were. I said they are in their rooms. May be they slept or are high.

A chat in their Room

I asked where the guys went at this time! It is 12am! Joana said they are off to pick up some alcohol and will be back soon. I knew there are no stores nearby running at this point of time. So I said, they will need to travel to the nearest city for that. Everything around here is closed now. Call them back or ask them to pick up more so that stocks are enough in hand. Katy called up Alex and said the same. Meanwhile I gulped the remaining beer from the bottle. Katy informed that they were travelling to the nearest city.

By this time Joana and Katy were already friendly with me. I used this opportunity to invite them to join us in our party. They proposed an alternative! They asked me to call my friends to their room. I agreed and stood up only to find that there is a huge bulge in my pants. Katy looked at me with questioning eyes and laughed out loud. Joana asked me sit down. I was ashamed.

Dominating Ladies

Kamagra Jellies x 60 £85.00

Kamagra Jellies x 60


The next part was pretty nasty. Katy left to her room and Joana looked directly in my eyes. I was afraid as I was thinking that Katy would call Daniel’s aunt. She came back and asked me if I needed some help with that bulge. I said no I am ok. But guys when girls turn nasty, they can be dangerous. By the way Katy came back with Vaseline! Joana started undressing me.

It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying. It was more than dreams come true for me. 2 ladies for me! That is a wow. I thought why I suddenly got a hard-on even when I wasn’t feeling horny! I doubted that Daniel might have mixed Kamagra oral jelly UK in my beer. But whatever it was, it was great. They took turns but were unable to make me cum! Rather they squirted all over me again and again. Time flew by and it was more than an hour. Joana gave me her number and Katy took mine.

Evading Harsh Consequences

Then suddenly we heard a car drive in. Joana and Katy were so relaxed that they were least bothered! While I was busy dressing up, they wrapped a bath towel and asked me to open the door. I told them they will know! But Katy insisted.

So I trembled in fear and opened the door to find Alex and John coming in with a big ice box. It was filled with beer.

The Wow Factor!

Alex patted me and said”Who would you like to have again? Is it Jo or Kat?” I smiled bluntly. To this Katy said “Alex, you can never compete him. Nor can John or my would be husband!” I was spell bound. They weren’t couples! WOW. Joana asked me to take her to my room. She smiled at Katy and said, you can have both Alex and John.

I pardoned myself from there and ran to Daniel. All three of them were sleeping. They even finished the whole tequila! I grabbed the Kamagra Oral Jelly UK from Evan’s backpack and saw that there were only 2 sachets left! When Evan showed it the first time, there were 4 of them.

I took another Kamagra Oral Jelly UK and took Joana to my room. It was 7 am in the morning and both the sachets were used. Joana left scratches all over my back. Well I don’t complain. Hopefully they turned out to be unmarried or else what would be the consequence!


After that day, I have never taken Kamagra Oral Jelly UK again. I did a lot of research on it and found that it has amazing capability to enhance endurance and strengthen weak libido. Moreover, Kamagra oral jelly UK can cure a lot of sexual issues in men.

So if you are suffering from any sexual issues, take these jellies. If you are willing to know more, Kamagra 99 is the place where you can get all your information. Post comments and share your experiences as well. Al last, always take pills or jellies on purpose. Do not play pranks on friends with it. Every time your luck will not favor and you or your friend might face problems!

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